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And Bea Makes Four!

Friends! We have big news (which isn’t really new, I am just WAY behind on blog posts hahaha)! We got a new puppy! She is a sable German Shepherd who’s parents are both military trained GSDs…so she was basically born to be badass! We named her Bea, which sounds like the German word for bear… Continue reading And Bea Makes Four!


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Lluvia, Nuestra Casa, y Los Barrios de Castro!

RAIN, OUR HOUSE, AND THE NEIGHBORHOODS OF CASTRO! Life in Winter on the Isla de Chiloe is much much rainier than I imagined! I’ve lived in Seattle and then we were in Vietnam for 1.5 years–these places are famous for their rain. Vietnam even goes through a Monsoon Season! Yet nothing compares to this Chilote… Continue reading Lluvia, Nuestra Casa, y Los Barrios de Castro!