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Handling Things Like a Boss…

Yay! We found another house! I’m beginning to believe it was a blessing our almost-landlord backed out of the other house we were going to rent. We found a cute 2 bedroom/1 bath with a fully fenced yard that is closer to town! It is just a touch more expensive, but we are ok with that. Our new house is 210.000CLP (around $300USD) and we had to set up our own internet. Our friend Pablo helped us out with that. To be honest, I’m 100% sure things would not be working out so smoothly without the help of our local friends here. Pablo, Maureen, Nicolas and Jewelz have been so incredibly generous and we are forever grateful!

La Casa Nueva! (The new house)

In order to draw up the lease, our new landlady asked for our RUT numbers. RUT stands for Rol Unico Tributario. It’s like a tax ID number. We did not have these so I took to the interwebs to see what we needed to do. My subsequent research had me totally freaked out…people were saying you need all these different documents and you have to go to the police and register your visa first, and some had even been denied when they made the request. After having our first house fall through, I was a bit stressed we would not be able to get our RUT’s for the new house. I didn’t sleep much the night before!

The next day we went downtown to handle business. We needed to go to the Servicio de Impuestos Internos (SII, it’s like the IRS and who doesn’t love the IRS?).  The internet told me the address is O´Higgins s/n Edificio Gobernación. My trusty Google Maps could not locate O’Higgins street (thanks Google), so we asked a few cops where it was and they promptly directed us in the right direction (Vanessa, if you are reading this, I worded that just for you!!).

This is the building. It’s right across from La Plaza de  Armas (the main square downtown).
The office entrance is outside and to the left of the main building entrance.

You have to take a number and wait. A very nice lady helped us get our number (you have to enter your RUT into a kiosk to get a number and well, we didn’t have them yet). So she entered hers and we got our number. She left after that…she never came back…I’m starting to think she just might have been an angel? haha. Whoever you are, THANK YOU STRANGER!

I was still so nervous at this point. I told Seb I wanted to puke then cry, or cry then puke. But it went SOOOO WELL! It was super easy! All we needed was our passports and the address of our house. Some folks in bigger cities are finding you need to have a Chilean resident vouch for you and they need to fill out a form and have it notarized, but we just breezed right through it without needing a “co-signer”. Ten minutes and we both had our RUT numbers

Now we get to the fun part…MOVING! Yeah, I might be a little weird, but I love moving. I love packing and playing tetris with the items I put into boxes. Yadda yadda yadda…we moved. Once again, I have to thank Pablo…he transported all our crap in his 4×4.

Now we get to the BEST part….we finally get to have Mr. Bruno!!! About a month ago, we got a German Shepard puppy. He’s freaking adorable. We named him Bruno, and he had been staying with his mom and his remaining litter-mates until we could

Bringing him home!
Just a sleepy, stinky ball of cute. Haha

find this new house. He’s sleeping under Seb’s feet right now, apparently farting a bunch. I don’t care, I’m in love. We’ve been reading Cesar Millan’s book “How to Raise the Perfect Dog” and they suggest basically ignoring your puppy (minus feeding and taking them out to pee, ect, obviously) for the first day he’s in his new home. This is the. hardest. thing. ever. He’s just too cute! I almost can’t help myself. Puppies sleep a lot and when Bruno sleeps, sometimes he makes this noise and it sounds like a chainsaw but way off in the distance. It’s so cute I may throw up.

I really want to write a play-by-play of Bruno’s every move but I’ll save you from that. Bottom line, he’s amazing so far. He sat twice when I told him to and he played fetch with one of his toys 3 times…he must be the smartest dog in history!!! You will be seeing a lot of Bruno in the coming posts, just FYI. Haha.



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