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Christmas Surprise in Castro!

I know this is a little late, but we are pretty busy around here these days! (More to come on why in a later post). Christmas has come and gone once again. I remember when I was little not being able to sleep on Christmas Eve, getting up at 4:30 or so, and racing to the living room with my sister, Beka, to see what Santa had brought us. Well for Christmas 2016 in Castro, Chiloe, Santa brought us a 7.6 earthquake!!!

I’ve never been in an earthquake that big before. I was just getting out of bed when it came on and Sebastian was about to feed Bruno. It started like the other little ones we’ve had here, no biggie like, “Hey honey, you feel that?” but then it just kept getting stronger and stronger and then it got scary! We ran outside and I very nearly went in next to nothing but grabbed a towel on the way. So there we are…in the yard barefoot, me in a towel, watching the earth move. It was incredible. Bruno, bless his doggy heart, continued eating his breakfast from the bowl that Seb had dropped in the yard until he finally realized something was up haha.

It didn’t last long but it felt like it did. We could hear glass breaking during and thankfully, it was just a few spice jars and a bottle of soy sauce from our kitchen, and not any windows.

Our kitchen smelled like an Indian restaurant as the full jar of curry powder had rattled loose and smashed on the floor. I made that spice rack for Seb’s birthday. Our friends warned me about not putting up some way to secure the jars! D’oh!!

So Christmas started out a little shaky (sorry, I had to go there), and a tsunami warning was in effect since we are so close to the sea. Our house is in the safety zone so some of our friends from the Palafito Waiwen came over until the power came back on and the warning was cancelled. We ended up watching A Christmas Story so I think it all turned out ok!

The epicenter of the earthquake was about an hour south of Castro, near Quellon. We didn’t really feel any of the aftershocks. There was, surprisingly, very little damage.quellonmap Our neighbors said they didn’t even get out of bed!!! We were like bracing ourselves for the house to fall down! They must just be used to earthquakes?

After our guests headed back to their house, we got cooking! Our friend, Nicolas, found us a goose this year!!  We LOVE Christmas goose! Last year, we had everyone over to our house and I found so many decorating ideas on Pinterest. This year, Christmas Day was simply Seb, Sarah, and Bruno…and some really good food!

Seb has a secret German recipe for roast goose (muah-ha-ha he stuffs it with saurkraut, secret’s out!!! Jk, he said I could tell everyone haha). It was sooo juicy and delicious with a delicate, crispy skin!15995334_10158036498190111_1990650628_n MMMM! Every Christmas we MUST have red cabbage, based on Seb’s mom’s recipe. We rounded out the meal with roasted carrots, green beans, pan gravy and a fantastic berry sauce for the goose, and my favorite, potato croquettes. They are little fried logs of heavenly mashed potatoes and I look forward to them all year!

I tried to get creative with our “tree” and had a blast making these little ornaments! 15970681_10158036498165111_1090102863_nI got a hacksaw for my birthday and grabbed the last round piece of firewood we had left over from winter. Hacked off a few rounds, pretended I could paint for a minute, and drilled a hole for the string! Easy peasy!

So my hubby is German/Swedish/English and has never had a Christmas stocking! (WHAT?) So this year, I crocheted him one! I tell you, getting that dumb tree to look semi-normal on the front was not easy!! I was cracking myself up at all my attempts. But I was happy with the end result and even had enough leftover yarn to make a stocking for Bruno cause I’m one of those crazy pet owners who like to get gifts for their dogs. stockings

We are so thankful that no one was hurt in our Christmas earthquake and that there was minimal damage. I started crying when it was all over because I love my little family so much and I was just so relieved everything was ok. Here’s wishing everyone a safe and blessed 2017!




3 thoughts on “Christmas Surprise in Castro!

  1. Hey! I came across your blog today when researching things about Castro, I am a girl from Canada and just moved here last week for a 3 month work period. Super cool blog, it really seems like you’re diving in to life here! I was wondering if you had any advice for newcomers to Chiloe since I’ve literally just moved to Castro and am trying to plan what the next couple of months will look like 🙂 all the best, Eleanor

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