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Hola! From Mexico!

SURPRISE! We moved to Mexico! And it only took me 4 months to post about it! haha…so that’s why we were so busy around Christmas time in Castro, and we’ve been busy here since we arrived! While we are sad to say goodbye to Chile, we realized it was just not where we were supposed to be right now. Overall, it felt like everything was harder for us there. Even in moving, things were so much more difficult than they needed to be.  I don’t even know where to start with this blog post…I still have so much to say about Chile and the life we made in Castro.

Most importantly, I’d like to thank the friends we made during our time on La Isla de Chiloe. Nicolas, Jewelz and Lucia, Pablo, and Maureen…we know that meeting you and becoming friends was and is the most rewarding part of Chile for us. We gathered for holidays and birthdays the way families do, and we will never forget that. Thank you for letting two crazy gringos into your lives! I’m just gonna do a lil picture walk down memory lane today.

We loved camping, fishing, dolphin watching, cooking, eating, and celebrating together with you guys. We laughed and cried together. Some of you were forced into arts and crafts time with me lol (Jewelz we still need to try those concrete stools!) We survived earthquakes and tsunami warnings together. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your help and love and support! We will miss you all terribly!

Abrazos y besos!!

Sarah, Sebastian, y Bruno

7 thoughts on “Hola! From Mexico!

  1. We all love reading your blog, more, more, more is my only criticism. Write every day even if you don’t publish it. Love you, Daddy

    P.S. Happy Easter!

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