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And Bea Makes Four!

Friends! We have big news (which isn’t really new, I am just WAY behind on blog posts hahaha)! We got a new puppy! She is a sable German Shepherd who’s parents are both military trained GSDs…so she was basically born to be badass!

We named her Bea, which sounds like the German word for bear (bär) and goes something like Beh-yah. It’s kind of a tricky word, and if you say it incorrectly, it could sound like the Spanish word for beautiful (bella) or the German word for beer (bier)! So she’s our beautiful beer bear!

We picked her out of the litter when she was 4 weeks old. She was the firstborn as well as the biggest pup of her brothers and sisters!



Squeeeee! We just love this little nugglet! Look how little she was! In less than a week she will already be 4 months old. When we got her, she had one ear up and one ear down. We did get her a little early, at around 6-7 weeks, but she seems to have adjusted well! Right away she bonded with us and my lil ol heart just melted!



At first Bruno, our almost 3 year old GSD, was not quite sure about her. He was a bit possessive over his food and didn’t quite get it that she was going to be staying here permanently. But now he just lets her eat food directly out of his bowl and they play NON-STOP!



Bruno gets pretty worried when she goes out for her walks…it’s really touching how they have become best friends. We are walking them separately now until Bea has learned to heel and walk like a lady lol. She’s already pretty well behaved!

Good dogs waiting for a snack!

We’ve recently gotten her started on some basic obedience with our fantastic dog trainer, Luis Montero of Adiestamiento Canino. Luis helped Bruno recover a bit from his traumatic flight to Mexico (if you missed that awful drama, read Part 1 and Part 2). He really helped get our happy dog back and we are so excited for Bea and her training! Luis and his wife, Brenda, come 3 times a week for about 30-45 min of training. They don’t speak any English though! So I’m actually learning quite a bit of Spanish in this process. Score! Free Spanish class! ahhahaha.

Luis y Bea practicing “platz” (lay down).

Sometimes I can’t believe we have two dogs now! And they are both so good and sweet! Bea is such a lover!!! She just stares into your eyes (into your soul practically!) until you just have to pet her hahaha. It’s been a lot of fun having her, although potty training was a bit of a nightmare there for a few weeks!!



Thanks for reading! I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot more of Bea and Bruno in the months and years to follow!




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