Hi there! My name is Sarah and I want to share my experiences while living abroad. My husband, Sebastian, and I lived in Vietnam for almost 2 years, spent a few months in his home country of England, 4 months in Argentina, a year and a half in Southern Chile, and are currently living in beautiful Playa del Carmen, Mexico! I’m a Montana native who had never really traveled much until meeting my hubby, so there was a lot of learning at first! I still haven’t mastered the art of traveling, but I’m getting the hang of living in foreign countries! I hope my blog can give you useful advice based on my own personal experience, whether you are taking a vacation or planning on moving. I also love crafting! I knit, crochet, cross-stitch, quilt, and try to do hand lettering, but I’d love to get into wood working! I made Seb a spice rack in Chile and now I’m addicted! haha. We do a lot of fishing and camping, and generally love being outdoors. Our goal is to buy some land, build a house, raise chickens and pigs (Seb wants Bison, but uh…I think we’ll stick to smaller livestock), and have a sweet garden setup with our own bees! I’ll be documenting our journey here, so come along!

Sebastian and I on our wedding day!

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  1. Hi Sarah, it’s Dee (Uncle Roger and Dee) ! I also have a few wordpress sites. I am excited to follow along with your adventures and share stories here on wordpress. Let me know what you think of mine. I haven’t been posting for quite sometime but you have sparked my interest once again! Thanks Sarah, Dee


  2. Hi, Sarah, Great post. Our family of four is relocating to Chile as soon as we get our ducks in a row. We also have a Bully named Winston…he is so funny and loyal. I am mostly looking in Valdivia and Puerto Varas area but recently started considering Castro. How is life there on a daily basis? Would you recommend it for expats?

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    1. Hi Kelly! That’s exciting news for your family! Castro is a quiet little town. We like that it’s not crazy busy and we can go fishing or camping and not have to drive a long way. It’s not a huge expat location. There aren’t a ton of restaurants (but there are a few good ones) and I’m not even sure it has a cinema! But the produce is fresh and (when there is no red tide) the seafood is fantastic. Plus its beautiful! It is a little rainy at times, and last night it got down to freezing and many of the houses are not well insulated. I’m going to try to post more day to day articles coming up so you’ll have to check back soon! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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